Investment-Grade AI for the Crypto Space

Take Hold of the Future

  • Leverage the unrivalled power of Deep Learning combined with the rigor of Economics and Information Theory.

  • Get insights into the macro and micro factors driving the price of any crypto asset.

  • Forecast prices and VaR distributions forward up to 36 months.

  • Be alerted to emerging market changes which could impact your investment objectives.

We've got your Number

  • Visualize, rank and compare assets and baskets based on a host of industry-standard investment metrics.

  • Use both crypto and non-crypto indices as benchmarks.

  • Explore a library of advanced forward-looking metrics and metrics which capture characteristics unique to the crypto space.

  • Utilize market-level metrics to identify sea-changes and historic precedents for current conditions.

Alpha & Omega

  • Build a portfolio from scratch or auto-recommend assets to complement your existing portfolio.

  • Optimize position sizes and rebalancing strategies to target any combination of constraints and risk-return objectives.

  • Long-only, market neutral, and arbitrary long-short strategies.

  • Base optimizations on historic performance, forecasts, or a blend.

  • Create comprehensive risk profiles using Monte Carlo simulation.

Master the Universe

  • The first GPT-based AI to truly understand crypto fundamentals.

  • Get insight into any project's value proposition, ability to execute, market traction and competitor landscape - all in plain English.

  • Spot potential scams, clones, "hot air", and smart contract risks.

  • See through the noise and hype to discover relative safe havens and undervalued gems.




∙ 100 top assets
∙ All metrics
∙ All forecasting tools

Self Investor



 • 250 top assets 
∙ All metrics
∙ All forecasting tools
 + Visualize correlations 
 and market factors 

 + Save & track asset baskets 
 + Save charts & analytics 

Pro Investor



 • 1000s of assets 
∙ All metrics
∙ All forecasting tools
∙ Visualize correlations
and market factors
∙ Save & track asset baskets
∙ Save charts & analytics
 + AI-driven Fundamentals 
 + Portfolio & Strategy   Optimization 


We're inviting beta users in phases, on a first come first served basis.You can expect to receive an invitation link within a few weeks, depending on demand.You can use your link to access the free plan straight away, or any premium plan at a 50% discount for the first year.Before clicking the button, please help us by telling us a little about what kinds of feature you are most interested in!

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